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Get to Know: PewDiePie

A study of 1,000 teens aged 13-17 by SurveyMonkey found that not only do 64% of teens prefer visual media over reading, but 50% get their news primarily from YouTube, which has 500 hours of video uploaded every minute,...

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Why Instagram is Hiding Likes

As more and more research unveils the alarmingly detrimental effects of social media and the mental health of young people, Instagram recently made waves with an important announcement. In an effort to combat the feelings of anxiety or inadequacy...

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TikTok: It’s Time To Understand This Wildly Popular App

If you caught wind that your favorite clothing store has been hit with a record-breaking fine from the Federal Trade Commission, would you stop by for a new t-shirt? What if it was banned in numerous countries and was...

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The Dangers of Stan Culture

Every few months, Merriam-Webster promotes a  fresh batch of words and phrases to the dictionary. In April 2019 alone, more than 640 new words were added to our ever-growing collection of English words. Ranging from “buzzy” to “bioabsorbable,” these...

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