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Billie Eilish: The Queen of Gen Z

A young queen. An overnight sensation. An anti-pop genius. All of these titles describe pop star Billie Eilish. Maybe you’ve heard of her? She is one of the biggest names in current music and celebrity culture, and will probably...

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Shawn Mendes: Teen Icon

Who was your idol celebrity when you were a teen? Could it have been Denzel Washington or  Carie Fisher? What about Madonna or Rob Lowe? We all have had a celebrity we were head-over-heels for as a teen, thinking...

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Binge-Able: TV Shows Your Teens Might Watch This Summer

Summer is almost here! School will be on break, snacks will be stacked in the cupboards, car windows will be rolled down, and the TV remote will be in-hand. Most likely, your teen already has a to-do list of...

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Social Media Basics: Filters

You’re scrolling down your Instagram feed and see your kid’s most recent post of them with the family dog. You like the photo, but stare at it for a few seconds thinking, “Hold up, that looks like it was...

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