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Get to Know: PewDiePie

A study of 1,000 teens aged 13-17 by SurveyMonkey found that not only do 64% of teens prefer visual media over reading, but 50% get their news primarily from YouTube, which has 500 hours of video uploaded every minute,...

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What’s In A Meme?

In a meeting with a small group of teens at the end of 2019, I asked about memes, expecting to get brought up to speed on those all-too-relatable images floating around the internet. So, I was a little caught...

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Why We Can’t Look Away: the Content On YouTube

In my previous blog, I unpacked some of the addictive nature of YouTube and how it, as a platform, has been designed to command people’s attention and keep them using the platform. There’s another layer to the world of...

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The Addictive Nature of YouTube

Believe it or not, Facebook was out the minute you made an account. Instagram lost momentum when the impulse to filter and curate rather than share honestly became the norm, and Snapchat started losing steam a while ago, especially...

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An Inside Look at How Teens Use Social Media

As Life Teen’s coordinator of digital evangelization and outreach, a large part of what I do is manage our social media and aim to communicate truth to teens through social media. Some days, when I see some of the...

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