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10 Scripture Verses for the Stressed Teen

Our world has been upended in an unprecedented way and all the shifts of what the new “normal” daily like looks like can cause stress not only for parents but also for teens. While Easter may have looked different...

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As The World Is Shutting Down, What Can We Do Today?

I thought it was going to just be a regular weekend trip to the grocery store, but I was wrong. The store was packed, people were panicked, shelves were emptied out, and no one smiled or made eye contact....

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This Next Generation is Ours to Raise

My mother recognized the power and influence that women were going to have in my life. Instead of leaving that influence to chance, seeing who I might naturally be drawn to who may or may not have pointed me...

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Rediscover The Stations of the Cross this Lent

Outside of Christmas, Lent is perhaps one of the most well-known seasons in the Church. It kicks off with “Fat Tuesday” and is followed by Ash Wednesday, otherwise known as “the day where everyone stares at you and wonders...

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Let’s Talk About El Paso

Many of us are still feeling the weight of what took place in El Paso on August 2nd. I know I’m still stuck on this cycle: anger, heartbreak, disbelief, numbness, more anger, repeat. It hasn’t been easy. By now,...

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