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Before Watching 13 Reasons Why …

You may have heard of 13 Reasons Why, a new hit Netflix original series, based on the novel of the same name. It has virally captivated audiences, with many young people in particular, and invokes serious, strong emotional investments in the stories of the characters depicted. Social media is full of teens commenting on the most “important,” “powerful,” and “deep,” moments depicted in this series. However, this show, despite it’s mysterious and captivating nature, is not harmless and you should be aware of everything that is depicted in each episode before watching with your teen or letting your teen watch it.

13 Reasons Why is a drama narrated by Hannah Baker, a high school junior who commits suicide and leaves behind thirteen audio cassette tapes naming a person and describing what he or she did to lead her to take her own life. The story follows Clay Jensen, one of…

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