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It’s Okay to Say, “I Don’t Know”

I love my brother – I really do. But like all siblings, there are things about him that simply drive me crazy. And one of those is his inability to say, “I don’t know.” Like a complete and total inability to utter those words – even when he has no idea what he is talking about! In fact, when actually proven to be wrong, instead of admitting that, he instead will say, “Well, that’s not how I learned it.”
When we were younger, this “personality quirk” used to drive me crazy, but now it is more of a funny, family joke – mostly because the things he pretends to know are usually silly and inconsequential.

But, as we both grew up, got married, and had kids, it got me to thinking about how dangerous an inability to admit that you don’t know something can be – especially to your kids.

As parents,…

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About the Author

Amanda Koppes

Amanda has spent the last 13 years working in parish-based youth ministry, and the last 8 of those also serving the movement of Life Teen as the Area Contact for Western Washington. She lives just outside of Seattle, Washington with her amazing husband of almost 18 years, and their 3 amazing kids – Emily (14), Ben (10) and Matthew (5). When not working in ministry, she loves to be indulging her new found hobby of woodworking, doing jigsaw puzzles, or hiking in the Cascades. Her love of Christ and His Church continues to drive her to find new ways to spread the Good News to teens, families and her community.