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Fifth Sunday of Lent

Quinto Domingo de Cuaresma

In this video, Lisa Garcia walks us through the Gospel reading for this Sunday looking at the natural human fascination with wanting to know more about celebrities and how the people of Jesus’ time felt the same way. She points out, however, that there is more to following Jesus than just knowing about Him; that it requires sacrifice, comes at a cost, but is also filled with consolation and encouragement. She challenges us to look at our lives and the hopes and dreams that we have for ourselves and our families and to lay those down before God, to experience “little deaths” to self in order to follow the will of God into eternity.

To read the readings for the Fifth Sunday of Lent, click here.

Points of reflection for this week:

  • Why do I want to see Jesus?
  • What does it mean for me to “hate” my life?
  • What plans or dreams do I need to die to and offer to Jesus?

En este video, P. Fernando Camou cuenta una historia de su niñez para ayudarnos a reflexionar sobre el Salmo del día. Nos invita a considerar la invitación que nos hace Dios a participar en su trabajo transformador.

Para leer las lecturas de este domingo, haga clic aquí.

Los siguientes son puntos de reflexión para esta semana:

  • ¿Estoy rezando por las necesidades de mis hijos?
  • ¿Confió en que Dios tiene el poder de actuar dentro de mi vida?

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