Three Books Your Teen Needs

As summer comes to a close, teens oftentimes put reading on the backburner, devoting their time instead to school work, sports, extracurricular activities, etc. However, reading is not just for those long summer days that are spent soaking up the sun at the beach or seeking shade under an over-sized tree in the park. With that in mind, Life Teen has released several new resources that will inspire your teen to keep reading all year long.  

Foundations Series

Addressing three big topics, the Foundations series provides teens with answers to common questions they have about God, Jesus, and the Church. Perhaps your teen is struggling with the existence of God or is questioning if God even cares about us. If this is the case, Why God? provides the answers your teen is looking for. Or maybe your teen simply wants to know why Jesus had to become man or why His teachings matter. Why Jesus? presents the answers to these questions and more in a way that will resonate with your teen. On the other hand, if it seems like your teen is wrestling with the Church — why we need the Church or if the Church needs us — Why Church? can give them the direction they need.

Standing on their own or compiled as a set, the Foundations series is designed for teens who want to learn more about the foundations of the Catholic faith: God, Jesus, and the Church. Consider purchasing one on the topic your teen is most interested in or has the most questions about or bundling all three to make a complete set. 

In addition, if your teen is participating in Life Teen’s new Confirmation program, Purpose, these books mirror and enhance the curriculum that will be covered throughout the program, starting with God, continuing with Jesus, and closing with the Church. Throughout the course of the program, consider giving the corresponding book to your teen when they begin learning about that topic. 

100 Saints Every Catholic Teen Should Know

While there are more than 100 saints who are recognized by the Church, the 100 that are included in this book relate to teens in a special way. From popular saints like Mother Teresa of Calcutta and John Paul II to lesser-known saints like Olga and Pedro Calungsod, this book contains saints every teen — no matter their interests or struggles — can relate to. Highlighting important moments from their lives and offering lessons we can learn from their pursuit of holiness, your teen will learn about the lives of some of the incredible people in the Church while being inspired to pursue a life that is worthy of sainthood.    


Specifically for male teens, XY addresses what it means to be an authentic man in a world that provides a lot of poor examples of masculinity. Presenting Jesus as our model for masculinity, XY gives male teens a framework for discovering and understanding what it means to be a man, as well as practical insights and tools for how to live out their masculinity in today’s world. Consider this book a must-read for any male teen who is searching for direction and concrete answers about God’s design for masculine identity.    

Although your teen may be tempted to press pause on spiritual books during the school year, saving their reading time for textbooks and assigned novels, it is important that we continue our spiritual growth year round. So, encourage your teen to set aside some time for a book that will help them grow as a disciple of Christ. 

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